Trauma Recovery Connection

Trauma-Informed Response

What is the Trauma-Informed Response and Why Is It Important? 

Anyone, of any age, in any circumstance can be affected by crime, natural disaster, medical crisis -- all events that are overwhelming and alter the course of life. People whose lives are impacted by traumatic events work, live, worship, play and relate to others. One in four people you know have had a traumatic experience. Knowing what makes an event traumatic, how trauma impacts people, and how to respond in ways that counteract the effect only makes sense.
That is the Trauma-Informed Response. In the workplace, personal relationships, faith communities, education and other environments it improves relationships, and strengthens health.

In the provision of physical and behavioral health care, with the specifics unique to those contexts, it is Trauma Informed Care.

TReSIA--the Trauma-Responsive Systems Implementation Advisor!TReSIA - Trauma-Responsive Systems Implementation Advisor
The First Section of TReSIA provides descriptive information from multiple frames of reference about the concept of Trauma-Responsive Systems.  Download

The Second Section of TReSIA discusses Trauma-Informed Care to explore your readiness for and alignment with specific TIC factors and attributes.  Download

The Third Section of TReSIA is our organizational assessment.  Use this tool to see where you are in terms of your readiness to implement Trauma-Informed Care! Download

Fourth Section
:  A complete change management template for use in creating the Trauma-Responsive System and implementing Trauma-Informed Care.

Fifth Section:  the Life Enhancing Action Plan, for individuals




We are Sidran-authorized providers of Risking Connection® for working with Survivors of Child Abuse (and other traumatic events) and for Risking Connections in Faith Communities.

We also provide custom training based on relational psychology and overwhelming experiences.

Our Trauma Informed Response clients include:

  • King County WA SAMHSA Transformation to TIC project
  • BoysGirls Village, CT
  • The Queens Hospital, HI
  • Maui Memorial Medical Center, HI
  • NIMH/Georgetown University R34 REsearch project
  • Austin Children's Home
  • Refunder Behavioral Health Center
  • St. PJ's Children's Home
  • Consultants in Context/PA
  • Post-Graduate Center for MH, NY

We provide training on additional topics including:

  • Dissociation
  • Self-Inflicted Injury
  • Symptom Management
  • Creating Restoration
  • Coping with Change