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What is Robust Training?

 Characteristics of effective training that help you defend your needs to management.

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Defining Needs

What is the problem? What needs to happen to correct it? An effective  needs analysis is critical to an effective intervention.




Creating Objectives

Once you know what the performance gap is, how will you know if you have closed it? Creating effective objectives is critical.

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Organizing Content

Content comes from a variety of sources. Effective learning occurs when content is organized according to specific, consistent logic--this article offers a schema that is easy.

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Instructional Methods

Once the correct content is obtained, and properly organized, how do you convey it? Here's a chart of types of methods and when to use them

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Quality Assessment

How do you know if the materials and the instructional process is sound? This checklist offers you a way to see how well your materials match generally accepted quality standards.

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Using Graphics

When, how, and where to use graphics in instructional materials.

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Transfer of Training

Critical! How to help ensure that the training effort is applied on the job.

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Setting Up
the Event

How to think about and manage the logistics of an event.

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Assessing Learning

How do know participants actually learned? Methods of assessing learning and how to use them

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the Event

The event itself, from the quality the room to the temperature, can provide feedback that is valuable.

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Facilitator Evaluation

Facilitators should be accountable for their skills also. This form gives you a method for evaluating according to adult learning standards.

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