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Helping People Learn, Grow, and Change.

Nashville, TN based EPower & Associates Inc is your "go-to" resource for:

  • Speaking services and delivery of instructor-led learning
  • Instructional design, development and evaluation
  • The Trauma Informed Academy (online learning)
  • Time to Teach classroom management

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Becoming Trauma-Informed and Trauma-Responsive? Let out expert consultants help you.

TReSIA Providing services to people who have experienced trauma? We are a premier provider of consulting, training, and a number of FREE tools to help you make the transformation to trauma-responsive systems and trauma-informed care from a variety of perspectives, all grounded in the most current research. And if you are aware of the impact of trauma on your staff, from educators to call center agents and more, we're help to help you manage the impact on your HR and people systems functions.

Check out our Trauma-Responsive Systems Implementation Advisor (TReSIA) resources. 

Speaker Elizabeth Power Need a Top Notch Seasoned Speaker?
Elizabeth Power is simply the best for getting the message across no matter the topic: telling stories about coping with change, talking about trauma and effective responses to it, or helping people understand how to link knowledge to performance — and more. She delivers exceptional keynotes, plenaries, and workshops in multiple settings. She's funny, smart, and thought provoking--and has been named one of the 25 speakers to watch by MPI's Successful Meetings.

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Need to Learn something?

We help with that--and our work is influenced heavily by the latest research about what helps people learn more effectively. 

EPower and Associates is led by Elizabeth Power, M.Ed. in HRD from Peabody at Vanderbilt, with over 20 years in effective instructional design and documentation, development, delivery and evaluation.

We've provided services to folks in manufacturing, customer service, healthcare, IT, contact centers, and not-for-profits   and our work ranges from integrating multiple documents, technical writing, and trainind videos to e-learning.

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